Review – I Escaped From Breakout Cardiff! #Ad

Review – I Escaped From Breakout Cardiff! #Ad

And now it’s time for something completely different!

You guys are probably used to my historical ramblings by now, but this post is a bit different – it’s a mini-review of a fab experience I was recently gifted. The lovely guys from Breakout Cardiff kindly gifted me, Alys from With Love Alys and Charlotte from Charlotte Rose Writes one hour in a locked room trying to escape from a serial killer (when I say kindly gifted…)

Yes people – I escaped from an escape room!

Escape rooms like Breakout Cardiff are really popular and fairly commonplace, but they are a recent phenomenon. Like everything else, even escape rooms have a history! They actually evolved as a physical manifestation of video games where you have to solve puzzles in order to escape a room.

Escape rooms as we now know them were first opened in Asia and followed later in Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and South America.

The very first escape room actually opened in 2007 in Kyoto, Japan. They didn’t reach Europe until 2011, when the first European escape room opened in Budapest, Hungary. Now there are over 8000 escape rooms across the world and counting!

But you don’t have to travel to Kyoto or Budapest to play. If you’re in the vicinity of South Wales I can totally recommend Breakout Cardiff. The service was second to none and we had such a great time.

There was a variety of rooms to chose from but we opted for Vacancy, which is a Bates Motel-esque scenario that was mid-range in terms of difficulty. There was suspenseful music and arterial blood splatter on the walls – very atmospheric and way more immersive than other escape rooms I have tried in the past. I’m glad to say we escaped with a healthy six and a half minutes to spare.

My friends and I are already talking about going back again. But next time I might have a stiff drink first!

(Disclaimer: We were gifted one free game by Breakout Cardiff but all love of being locked in a room terrorised by a hypothetical serial killer is all my own


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