Royal Mistresses

Diane de Poitiers – 16th Century Cougar

Welcome back to the latest post in my Royal Mistresses series! Previously we’ve been looking at some of the many mistresses of the horny despot that was Henry VIII. This week we’re jumping back across the channel to the French court and one of the most famous mistresses from history – Diane de Poitiers, long…

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Bessie Blount – The Beauty Of Her Time

In the next instalment of horny Henry VIII’s many royal mistresses, the spotlight turns to the mistress who gave him what he desired most – a healthy son. The lady that gave him that was Bessie Blount. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive surviving image of Elisabeth Blount (better known as Bessie). Some historians have speculated that…

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Agnes Sorel – The First Official Royal Mistress

Aah.. the French really knew how to do royal mistresses didn’t they? It was the French that first made having an official royal mistress ‘a thing’. The maitresse-en-titre was the recognised chief mistress of the monarch. It had to start somewhere, with someone. And that someone is the subject of my latest post in my…

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Odette de Champdivers – The Little Queen

Today’s Royal Mistress underneath the Hisdoryan spotlight is Odette de Champdivers, the mistress of Charles VI of France. This is a sad tale that makes me feel sorry for all the main characters involved. Trust me – get those tissues ready. Charles VI Charles VI (born 1368) was King of France from 1380 to 1422. Charles VI was…

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Alice Perrers – The Original Sugar Baby

The second post in my new series about royal mistresses (check out my first post about Rosamund Clifford here) is all about the original sugar baby Alice Perrers. Wikipedia defines a sugar baby as ‘a person who is in a specific type of transactional relationship for the expressed purpose of achieving economic security. A person…

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