Historygram – The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Women’s History

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my Historygram posts – but you guys told me you loved them, so here’s a post all about the best Instagram accounts to follow for women’s history.

Women’s history has seen a sharp rise in popularity over the last ten years or so – and this is reflected in the amount of Instagram accounts devoted to the topic. Here’s my pick of the accounts that stand out for me.

Drudwen: Menywod Hanes Cymru (@prosiectdrudwen)

Prosiect Drudwen is more than just an Instagram account. Its also a YouTube channel and blog documenting the forgotten women of Welsh history. Its run by the talented artist Efa Lois (don’t forget to check out her personal account too) who has introduced me to many new amazing women from Welsh history. Her illustrations are also amazing and I honestly think she should make a Welsh women’s history book out of them all. (P.S. if you want to learn more about women from Welsh history, check out my post here).

Rebel Women Embroidery (@rebel_women_embroidery)

Another account where the owner uses their creative talents to teach us about womens history. Rebel Women Embroidery is all about embroidered tributes to women in history, all lovingly made by the creative Lou behind the account. Her chosen subjects truly come from all countries across the world. This was one of the first accounts I followed on Instagram and I don’t regret it!

Women From History (@womenfromhistory)

There are lots of accounts out there that just post pretty paintings of women from history. Women From History is different. The account posts thematically, meaning you get a good insight into womens history from a specific time period or part of the world (they’re currently covering the Bronze Age). Also, as well as telling us about key individuals they also post social and cultural facts about women from across the ages, providing you with that all important context.

The Lassicist (@the_lassicist)

The Lassicist – run by Helen – is probably my fave women’s history account and blog. Helen writes a new post about a women from history up every eight days, and depending on what day of the week that falls you get a different ‘theme’. You could get Toga Tuesday or Fictional Friday, STEM Saturday or Social Change Sunday or – my personal fave – Mistress Monday! I also LOVE her blog tagline – ‘Strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we blog about them‘.

Dena (@women_ofhistory)

I think this is the most popular women’s history account I follow, clocking in with 135,000 followers. It’s just generally a very strong account for women’s history, covering all the time periods and countries you can think of. There’s a couple of well known faces but on the whole this account has introduced me to A LOT of female historical figures I didn’t know about previously. A definite must follow!

So there you have it – my Top Five Instagram accounts to follow for women’s history. Are there any you think I’ve missed?

(Please note all image copyrights belong to the respective accounts featured)


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