Pyromancy Wax Melts – A Halloween Review

AD Wax Melts have become increasing popular over the last few years. I must admit I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon until now, but then the lovely people at Pyromancy Wax Melts kindly asked if they could gift me some for review and, well, let’s just say I melted (pun intended…)

Pyromancy Wax Melts

I must admit the main reason I agreed to a review with Pyromancy Wax Melts is – apart from the BEAUTIFUL historical and memento mori designs – the sheer level of thought and detail that have gone into these products. The word artisan really doesn’t do these luxury wax melts justice.

Their melt collections are inspired by history, the Gothic aesthetic, memento mori and cameo jewellery – all right up my street! And each handcrafted product represents a different era, fragrance theme and aesthetic – the thought and meaning that has gone into every single wax melt really is mind-blowing.

What are Wax Melts?

Wax melts are basically pieces of highly fragranced wax that you put in either a tea light or electric burner. These chunks then slowly melt, releasing a sumptuous fragrance.

They are very versatile. You can control the strength of the fragrance by using different sizes of wax melt, or you can even mix chunks of different wax melts together to make your own bespoke fragrance.

They are also apparently more environmentally friendly than candles, with minimal packaging and none of the waste glass.

Pyromancy Dark Melts

Pyromancy Wax Melts have two principal collections of products – Pyromancy Wax Melts and Pyromancy Dark Wax Melts.

As Halloween is fast approaching, and knowing my love of all things spooky, Pyromancy kindly gifted me products from their Pyromancy Dark range for review

Please note that due to the unique and handcrafted nature of these products images may differ slightly from that featured on the website. They truly are artisanal!

Creepy Baby Cameo Wax Melts in Devils Dumplings scent From The Voluptuous Harlot Range

The Creepy Baby Cameo Wax Melts do exactly what they say on the tin! These wax melts came in slightly freaky baby head form. When I was watching it melt in the wax burner it did freak me out quite a bit! You really have to summon up the courage to melt them.

I think this was my favourite fragrance out of the whole lot of them – the Devils Dumplings scent is named after the opulently sweet aroma of fruity Damson plum dumplings served with a delicate rose jelly.

‘This fragrance has subtle nuances of cassis and rich dark berries supported by decadent spices namely clove and cinnamon. The fruity top notes rest on a seductive floral accord of night blooming jasmine and elegant rose with supporting base notes of sweet patchouli, sensual vanilla and moss.’

This product is available in all scents so these mini baby heads are the perfect size to sample the scents before investing in a full size product.

£2.20 for a pack of two wax melts. Each baby head provides approximately 7 hours fragrance. 

The Freak Show Portrait Wax Melt in Exit from Eden scent from the Momento Mori Range

Put simply – this is October in a wax melt!

As well as the glowing orange skeletal oddities the Exit from Eden scent conjures all things autumnal. A richly sweet scent with nuances of stewed autumnal fruit, precious woods and decadent spices. Top notes of lemon zest, caramelised apple, orange zest and sparkling ginger, mid notes of brown sugar and cinnamon finishing with base notes of nutmeg, vanilla bean and oakwood.

The design of this wax melt is inspired by oddities which were displayed at sideshows. Most often they were an exercise in fakery and comprised of a hodge podge of bones woven together from a range of species!

£3 for a single wax melt. Each oddity provides approximately 20 hours fragrance. 

Spider Cameo Wax Melt in Conjure scent from the Hellfire Harlot Range

Not one if you have a fear of spiders! These cameo melts are inspired by the Victorian penchant for taxidermy.

This product was provided in the exotic Conjure fragrance, which is perfect if you like woody and musky aromas. Conjure entities with the intoxicating scent of burning embers supported by nuances of cedarwood, patchouli and mysterious crystal amber.

£2.20 for a pack of two spiders. Available in all scents. 

Victorian Ghost Cameo Portrait Wax Melt in Night Queen scent from the Dark Courtesan Range

Inspired by the queens of the night, this scent came a close second to the Devils Dumpling scent as my personal favourite.

‘Woven into the floracy of this scent are top notes of orange flower, melded with the dark foresty, almost resinous, orange leaves. The legacy of the orange flower and leaves marry seamlessly with the classic turkish delight nuances of rose and iris flower. Leading into the darkness, are heart notes of tuberose, pink pepper and jasmin on a base of musk, benzoin and soft woods.’

If the scent is inspired by ladies of the night, then the imagery is inspired by that classic ghost lore staple – the White Lady! Think loss, betrayal, unrequited love and a heavy dose of Victoriana.

£2.20 for a pack of two wax melts. Each Victorian ghost provides approximately 7 hours fragrance. 

Pyro Coins

Part of the Pyromancy collection, these coins came stunningly packaged in a high-quality wax sealed box. Like all Pyromancy products these are handcrafted, and if you look closely you can see the meaning of Pyromancy (divination by fire) circling the outside edge.

These are by far the chunkiest of the melts and the burn time weighs in at a whopping 45 hours! I’ve been using these in my office, where one pyro coin will last me a whole working week! Bargain!

£4 for a pack of three coin melts (which is an absolute bargain in my opinion given the burn time) . Each coin provides approximately 45 hours fragrance and are available in all scents. 

What I Liked About Pyromancy Wax Melts
  • The detail – Seriously, every single detail has been meticulously thought through when it comes to Pyromancy products. Everything from the designs of the actual wax melts to the names of the scents themselves are rooted in history and the macabre and has a meaning. The same care and attention to detail has been afforded to the packaging. I LOVED the momento mori imagery and the Beetlejuice-esque black and white stripes!
  • The layered fragrances – How often do you buy a candle that says it has layered fragrances but when you open it all you can smell is the cheap and obviously synthetic one-layer smell? I have a terrible sense of smell but as soon as I opened this box of products I was hit by wave upon wave of darkly delicious fragrance.
  • Quality product – Everything about these wax melts scream quality. They melt well, give off a great fragrance, and once cooled are surprisingly easy to get out of the wax burner. I’m guessing this is down to the quality products used. The wax is made of pure rapeseed and coconut oil, with premium quality fragrance and essential oils. They are also additive, palm oil and soy-free, as well as cruelty-free.

Other Pyromancy Wax Melts

And if you’re not a fan of everything macabre, you can still explore the standard Pyromancy Wax Melt range. There are some great 18th Century inspired wax melts, from the Madame de Pompadour Wig Wax Melts – a homage to the powdered hair pieces of the late Georgian era – to the Mermaid Cameo Wax Melts. The latter are inspired by the infamous Black Harriott. Born as an enslaved person in Jamaica she travelled across the Atlantic to London, eventually becoming one of the most influential bawds in Covent Garden.

The Courtesan range of scents features scents such as Duchess of Quim (aphrodisiac ylang ylang and cardamom) and Pleasure Garden (bergamot, ho wood, ylang ylang, clary sage). In contrast the Madame de Pompadour range is all about the gourmand scents of the patisserie. The Molly House scent is a tribute to Princess Seraphina, a notable 18th century drag queen. As I’ve said before, the level of research and detail that has gone into these products is truly astounding!
After being more of a candle girl for many years, I think I can say I am converted. I do love my luxury candles but these wax melts are the best fragranced products I have smelt in a long time. These are beautiful products with layers upon layers of meaning and history, which would make a gorgeous gift for someone special.

These products were gifted for review by Pyromancy Wax Melts, but all love of these wax melts is my own.

Pyromancy Wax Melts Pinterest Cover

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